dgyao® 660nm Red Light Therapy Device Led Red Light Lamp of Two for Body Muscle Joint Pain Relief


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● This Red Light Devices is well designed for blood circulation stimulation, muscles relax, healing accelerate, joint pain relief and treatment. The red light system works to reduce pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, support recovery by easing aches and pains, strengthen the Immune System and improve skin texture by increasing collagen, elastin production.

●【Function】Benefits for accelerate blood circulation,enhance muscle relaxation and improve skin texture & smooth skin.Reduce stiffness, aches pains & inflammation. Speed wound healing, cell regeneration and strengthen physique. Natural healthy way to relieve your pain.

●【Features】660nm red led lights of two lamp. High luminous efficiency. Spin screw nails to fix and detach the infrared double head lamp on a wooden board within 2 inches. At the same time, the height can be adjusted within 12 inches with powerful bendable metal lamp arm. It can be rotated 360 degrees. Good stability and durable.

●【Material】Product surface with Aluminum alloy and Lamp surface with Non-glass material. Shock-resistant, anti-fog,dust-proof. It is very lightweight ,high security and easy to store.

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Who Need the Red Light Therapy?
☞Office Worker
Can help you quickly restore your Smooth skin and pain caused by sitting before computer. It can eliminate wrinkles on the face and neck, improve skin. easy to carry, you can enjoy light therapy anywhere.
☞Parents and Elderly
Can help for joint ache or sleep, just sit on a sofa or bed, and turn on the light .


How to use?

1. Fixed it on your desk or board where you can sit or lay.The lamp height and angle is adjustable. Let the red lights shine on your pain area.

2. It recommended distance between the device and treating area is 1-6 inch.Then you can enjoy it and pain relief.

3. Use it 10-20 Minutes per spot/area. Suitable for family travel, honeymoon vacation, outing sports, etc.


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