dgyao®FDA Approved Hand-held UVB Light Therapy Home Phototherapy for Skin Disorders Treatment


*Handheld Narrow Band UV Phototherapy
*120v for home use.
*Easy to use at home or office. Easy to operate.
*With Goggle, 3* Black Cloth, 4* Black Panels.
*Effect is fast, and curative effect is obvious
*Integrated digital programming timer assures the correct time of use for each user
*With internal reflector, ensure high irradiation intensity, shorten the treatment time

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Product Features
-High quality and much more affordable than its competition

-Uses original Philip UV-B/311nm narrowband bulb

-Integrated digital programming timer assures accurate dosage

-Suitable for body and scalp treatment

-Portable, lightweight and easy to use

-Safe and Effective

-Short treatment time

-Easy and quick to clean

-Ideal for home therapy


Package included:
Therapy Comb*1

Block Panels*4

Power Adapter*1

Protective Googgles*1

Black Cloth*3


User manual*1

Additional information

Weight 2.34 lbs
Dimensions 9.4 × 9 × 2.4 in