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DGYAO® 7 Color Wireless Facial Skin Care Mask with Neck – Proven Red and Blue Photon Treatment Mask


1. A TIP TO USE WITH SKIN FACE MASK: 1. You may lay down to use the device, also can put some cotton around the device to release the pressure. 2. You may also want to use it without the strap as it would put even extra pressure on the eye sockets. 3. While wearing it, please lift up on the mask a liitle to relieve some pressure arround your eyes
2. NEWKEY LED FACE MASK : Through photodynamic , the acne mask will revamp your skin appearance. Red light therapy for face – Increased Blood Flow and Collagen Production Whitening Skin Wrinkles Tightens Skin Improve Pigmentation, Fine Lines, and Anti-Aging and Reduces Skin Grease Smoothens & Energies the Skin Reduces Redness Removes.
3. MASK FOR FACIAL PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This facial mask skin care LED Photon Mask is ideal for all skin types. Red light therapy -Especial for T-zone oil skin facial care. Choose your preferred color setting and start restoring your facial beauty. Starting facial care at home!
4. SAVVY BEAUTY MULTIFUNCTIONAL PHOTON MASK: The mask has a specific wavelength to treat different skin problem. Each color of light can cure a common skin problem. Safe, gentle, not stimulating!
5. YOU LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: With a free 30 day money back service and a 1-year warranty, you can return the Facial Skin Care Mask if you are not satisfied with the results. Don’t hesitate to Contact us in case of any questions. Thank you.

dgyao® Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief – Infrared Therapy for Cramps

  • NATURAL JADE and TOURMALINE: Keep Heating stay for a much longer time period, emit negative ions, far infrared heat therapy & hot stone therapy. Low EMF.
  • FULL BODY VERSATILITY: perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, shoulder, abdomen, legs, arms, knees, etc. High-quality PU wrapping, flexible and durable, easy use and care.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE and DEEPER PENETRATING: Far infrared light can penetrate up to 6 inches deep into muscles, tissues and joints. DGYAO heating pad has spa-quality heating therapy and provides more effective pain relief therapy.
  • SMART CONTROLLER: with smart Timer (0-240mins) and Temperature settings (68℉~159℉), Auto shut off, Memory Function. Child-lock function, keep it safe from kids.
  • Far Infrared Heating Pad for Pain Relief  is different from other metal coil heat pads, our infrared pad built-in Carbon Fiber to emit Far-infrared rays. It can penetrate the inner-most (4-14 μm) regions of tissues and muscles, effectively relieve muscle soreness, benefits pain relief and injury healing.
  • One Year Warranty, 18 Months Free Replacement on Controller and Adapter. 60 Days Hassle Free Return.

DGYAO® Red Light 880 nm Infrared Light Therapy Combination 2 in 1 Knee Elbow Brace Pain Relief Device for Tissue Recovery Alleviate Pain Tennis Elbow, Bursitis, Arthritis,Sore Joint Muscle

  • INFRARED AND RED LIGHT THERAPY COMBINATION. Red light reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and increases circulation to promote a more vibrant, youthful complexion. Invisible to the naked eye, IR light is deeply penetrating and causes thermal effects to increase tissue temperature, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve cell viability and regenerative capacity, and accelerates healing of scar, wounds, cuts, and nerve damage.
  • WEARABLE 2 IN 1 KNEE ELBOW WRAP & HANDS-FREE OPERATION IN OFFICE OR AT HOME. Use the portable product around your elbow and knee. Come with a soft SBR brace around the target area and secure it with the adjustable Velcro straps for hands-free and focused treatment in the office or at home use.
  • 360 DEGREES TREATMENT AREA & 60 PCS RED AND DEEP PENETRATING INFRARED LIGHTS. The DGYAO Flexbrace consists of a wear-resistant and heat-resistant SBR pad embedded with an alternating array of 120 red and 60 infrared lights. The infrared lights have a wavelength of 880nm( Invisible to naked eyes) while the red lights have a wavelength of 660nm, reach deep into your tissues.
  • SAFE & NATURAL PHYSICAL PAIN TREATMENT: The professional device accelerates tissue recovery and alleviates the pain of Arthritis, Joint aches, bursitis, pain caused by aseptic inflammation, and sports injuries or sprain welling recovery period. 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Buy this equipment and experience a painless, safe, drug-free, and natural solution with no negative side effects.
  • WIDE VOLTAGE AC 100 – 240 V, DC 12 V, 15 Ft power cord, can be used in most countries, apply for pain relief when you are on a business trip without taking the world travel adapter. Auto shut-off timer (20 minutes), do not exceed 40 minutes of use in one therapy session.

DGYAO® Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared Light Neck Wrap for Pain Relief, Auto Shut Off, Electric Thermal Hot Compress Neck Brace, Heat Therapy for Soreness & Stiffness Relief

  • ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY on the whole product. LIFETIME FREE REPLACEMENT on charger, controller and connectors!
  • Extra-Large Pad- 84 powerful LED lights, 56pcs 660nm red light & 28pcs 880nm infrared lights, 2021 Upgraded SMD technology, wrap is bigger, flatter and softer, larger area for better cover on back, neck, shoulder and hip. Invisible infrared lights (880 nm wavelength) penetrates to deeply in 30-40 nm, making it beneficial for bones, joints, nerves and deep muscle problems.
  • Soft & Comfortable Use – Thick but lightweight microplush fibers offer maximum comfort for daily use. One-piece design and velcro straps help the light system fit around the target area,hands-freely and focus on treatment in office or at home.
  • Safe & Natural Solution – This light therapy device shows no negative side effect on people. It helps speed up joint recovery and alleviates pain, great for sport injuries,neck and shoulder stiffness, sore back, muscle pain, and tissue repair.
  • Infrared Light Device – Designed for pain relief, injury recovery and muscle relaxation, work with auto shut-off for 20minutes, a time controller is also ready for cusomizing use. This device can be used multiple times per day, and it is safe for all skin types. Wide voltage DC 100 – 240 V, AC 12 V. Apply pain relief when you are on business trip. 15 Ft power cord is long enough in the range of your activity.
  • Doctor-Recommended & used by Health Professionals –FDA Cleared– This LED therapy utilizes the state of the art technology used on Pro Athletes by today’s leading Doctors, Physical Therapists and Trainers. It’s been tested in the real life by several athletes and the aged. Now you can successfully apply to ease painful joints and muscles at home for a fraction of the cost. Tested in the real life by several athletes and the aged.