• PERFECT GIFT! This therapy belt is an ideal gift for both women and men, suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays! We offer a 60-Day money-back guarantee and a One-Year full warranty. Our dedicated customer service support is available for a lifetime.
  • D MAX New Original Cordless Series from DGYAO! Recommended by Doctors & Used by Health Professionals! This is the REAL CORDLESS red & near infrared light therapy belt for back and body pain. Pair with D MAX knee wrap, foot slipper, hand pad, and shoulder belt for a whole body therapy now!
  • 2 IN 1 Detachable Battery: The compact design combines a large 4000mAh battery and controller in one small box. D MAX controller is easy to use and control. The battery connects to the brace through 5 strong magnet points and can be easily detached for setup or charging. Our patented magnetic design allows for a truly cordless experience, with a battery life of up to 3 hours.
  • Red + Near Infrared + Pulsing Therapy: Experience targeted, effective, comfortable, and powerful therapy with the ultimate combination of red light, infrared light, and pulse lights. D MAX back belt features a total of 96pcs red 660nm lights and 48pcs near-infrared 850nm lights, delivering a powerful max intensity of 80 mW/cm²@1inch, penetrating deep into your skin.
  • Five Light Intensity: Adjust the light intensity and temperature levels according to your preference. H5 provides 100% power output, H4 provides 85%, H3 provides 70%, H2 provides 55%, and H1 provides 40%. Higher intensity levels result in brighter lights and higher temperature. The temperature ranges from 95℉-104℉. Enjoy different power levels for your back relief therapy.
  • Adjustable Timer, Modes and Pulsing: Set the therapy session from 5 to 30 minutes in 5-minute increments. Choose three light modes: Red+infrared lights, red lights only and infrared lights only, by pressing the “M” button. In pulse mode, all lights will flicker in a 10HZ pulse rate, allowing for deeper penetration into the skin and providing a stronger effect on pain relief.

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Those pain which benefit from the heat can be relieved, pain caused by aseptic inflammation ,such as strain of lumbar muscles, sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis or sprain & swell recovery period, they can all be alleviated with infrared physiotherapy equipment.
This incredible pain relief light therapy pad by Dgyao is Exactly what you need!

How does NIR work?
Invisible near infrared energy are absorbed by muscle, subcutaneous tissue, which results in THERMAL EFFECT.
Your body responds to the radiation heat with increased blood flow, allowing the parts of the body to receive oxygen and nutrients they need in order to function more effectively, regeneration is stimulated,eliminate swelling and promote inflammation dissipation when treating chronic inflammation.

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Red Light (Wavelength: 660NM): Red Light Can Promote The Growth Of Skin Collagen, Deep Skin Beauty Care, Eliminate Wrinkles, Shrink Pores, Promote The Regeneration Of Collagen And Elastin And Also Promote Skin Oxygen Breathing Helps Blood Circulation. Therefore, It Accelerates Cell Metabolism And Blood Circulation Of Capillaries, Diminishes Freckles, Redness, Accelerates The Repair Of Problematic Skin And Repairs After Sunburn, And Has An Effect That Can Not Be Ignored Against Aging.

Far Infrared (Wavelength: 850 NM): Accelerates The Healing Of The Wound Itself, Slowing Down Skin Aging And Wrinkles. Because The Far Infrared Of 850NM Can Penetrate The Skin Layer 8-11MM, It Can Promote Blood Circulation. When Used In Combination With 660NM Red Light, It Can Enhance The Red Light To Stimulate The Production Of Collagen And Elastin In The Dermis, Thus Repairing The Fine Lines Of The Skin. Wrinkles, As Well  As Tightening Loose Skin.

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